How to buy used cars on Ayvens Carmarket?
Ayvens Carmarket offers automotive professionals opportunities to buy used cars at competitive prices
Buy used cars on Ayvens Carmarket
All the vehicles sold on Ayvens Carmarket are with detailed inspections and full maintenance histories.
Sign up
Register yourself and upload all the requested documents on Ayvens Carmarket.
Get validated
Our car expert will validate your registration after evaluating your documents.
Log in
Once your registration is validated, you will receive an email for you to choose your password and log in to your account via our mobile app or on our website.
Buy your cars
You can then log into your account and buy cars through 3 different ways - auction, tender and fixed price!

Please make the payment using the plate number within 5 business days after notification.

Once payment validated, a pick-up order is sent by email. You should declare your transporter or arrival before the pick-up.
Cross-boarder sales
For cross-border sales, please send back all the required documents to prove the export through Ayvens Carmarket.
Contact us
If you experience any issues with a vehicle once it arrives, we are here to help. We invite you to read our FAQ to know more about Vehicle Condition Complaint.
Register for free and have your own space from your orders page

Registration on Ayvens Carmarket as a professional is completely free!

Once your documents gets validated, from your account on Ayvens Carmarket, you can find the list of vehicles you bought, and retrieve all the documents related to the vehicles, including maintenance history, damage report and pick up authorization etc.

Order used cars on our webpage, but also on our app!

With our mobile application "Ayvens Carmarket", bid or order used cars anytime, anywhere!

Thanks to the push notifications, receive notifications instantly if you are out-bid or a new sale is open.

Increase your chance to win the cars you want by installing our app now!


Buy vehicles internationally

Expand your business internationally and find more sales opportunities with Ayvens Carmarket, the used car sales platform that has widest coverage in the world.

Explore more car sales from other countries by signing up now!

Volkswagen Tharu
Having Questions?
If you have any questions Ayvens Carmarket, please view this FAQ page or directly contact us.
  • How to register in my country?

    Signing up in your country is easy!

    - Click on the sign-up button at the top right.

    - Fill out some information about your company and yourself.

    - Upload a few documents such as international shared documents and local documents that will need to be reviewed by us.

    - You will be notified by email when your registration is successful.

    If we have any questions, we will contact you directly to complete the missing information. You can follow the progress of your registration in the different countries at any time via My Account page on Ayvens Carmarket. 

  • How to register internationally?
    In order to register internationally, you must first be registered in your own country and provide all the documents required. Once your registration is validated, you can register in new countries by logging into your Ayvens Carmarket account and clicking on “Sign up in a new country” in the drop-down menu and follow the steps. You can follow the progress of your applications in the different countries at any time via My Account page on Ayvens Carmarket. 
  • What are the necessary documents to register?

    The documents requested may be slightly different based on your role in the company and the local specificities. The usual common documents requested are:

    - Bank account details: complete data relating to a valid and active Bank Account of your company

    - Tax document: any official document issued by local public authority and /or certified attesting to the registration of the company as a tax payer in its country

    - Company registration proof: any official document attesting to the legal existence of a commercial company issued by public local authorities and/or certified

    - Company Representative ID Document: valid Identity card or Passport only accepted

    You can find the exact documents requested in the sign-up process.

  • I forgot my login/password
    Don't panic! If you have forgotten your password or login, it is possible to reset it: Reset your password. You can also reset it as soon as you want via the login portal by clicking on Forgot username/password. You will then receive an email explaining how to reset your password. 
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